“I throughly enjoyed this course! It never got boring and I didn’t get overwhelmed. Cant wait to use this on clients!!”

“Great course! Thank you!”

“I tried this on my first client that come in with a headache. Im so excited to say that the headache went away before they left!” “Almost too excited to see my next client lol”

“Love it! Can wait for the second one!”

“I would listen to Christy teach from the phone book! Great teaching. Always felt comfortable”

“Love the small group and personal attention. Didn’t feel like I was killing time waiting when I had a question.”

I didn’t think I would ever be able to feel the motion but Christy has lots of ways to help me feel it. I was definitely feeling the motion by the end of the first day!”

“I really feel like I understand the system and what I can do to help people”